PITY FUCKS: Oaks Bottom: 7” EP

Nov 13, 2013

This new three-song release from Pity Fucks contains two original songs as well as a cover version of Bo Diddley’s “Hong Kong Mississippi.” The two original tracks have a renewed Dickies vibe complete with organs to help with the flow of the songs. The vocals are a cross between Gluecifer and Lamont with a little Eddie Spaghetti thrown in for good measure, especially during the chorus of “Ain’t All There.” I would swear that was Biff Malibu making a guest vocal appearance. The Bo Diddley cover is a complete rocker raising the song’s pace to a whole new level. Would love to see these guys play this song live. I’m guessing it would be a highlight of their set list.

 –Brent Nimz (Felony Fidelity, no address listed)