PITCH BLACK: Self-titled: CD

May 27, 2009

Horror punk coming out of the East Bay featuring ex-members of the Nerve Agents and Screw 32, which really didn’t show up in the their sound. Let me start by saying I didn’t care for this very much. I have no problem with bands going for the horror thing, but the band didn’t do it for me musically. In fact, the best part of the CD was the artwork (cool cover courtesy of their singer) and lyrical content (horror themes, duh!). Musically Pitch Black play punk borderline on hardcore at times with goth interludes here and there. The songs generally had dreary intros with melodic guitar work throughout, which was alright musically, but unfortunately there was nothing that stood out. What really killed it for me, though, were the vocals. The singer sounds like a younger, higher pitched version of Rudimentary Peni's Nick Blinko. I found his voice both distracting and annoying at times. No thanks. –Mike Dunn

 –guest (Revelation)