Jul 06, 2010

Smog Veil unleashes some killer Erie, PA punk from 1977 and ‘78! This band is incredible, coming on like a great combination of the Dictators and Radio Birdman. There is a lot of that hard rock turning into punk sound to be found here, and that is some of my favorite stuff of all time. Fans of Nervous Eaters would find a whole lot to like here, although this band has a dash of that Australian dark sound that seems to inform so many of the Oz bands. The DVD has some footage shot on 8mm from way back when, as well. I am so glad to hear some more of this proto-punk style stuff and having studio recordings instead of crummy-sounding live recordings just make it all the better. This is simply an essential reissue for anyone who is a fan of the rockin’ punk end of the spectrum.

 –frame (Smog Veil)