PISTOL GRIP: The Shots from the Kalico Rose: CD

Sep 22, 2009

I had an idea what these guys were going to sound like when I saw their name listed on the line-up for the Holidays in the Sun festival. What I didn't expect was great, melodic arrangements of their brand of street punk. They show that they have chops and offer a little more than the standard formula that you hear these days from bands of this genre. Good background vocals on the "ooohhhss" on the choruses that are in key. The guitars are in sync and have a punch that sometimes get lost in recording. The bass sounds almost happy and is tied in with the drums to mix it all together. The vocalist has a strong voice and can actually sing. Nothing more annoying to me is listening to a street punk band with a singer that can't sing in key. I haven't been listening to street punk that much lately, but this is a pleasant surprise. A good listen to shake a beer at.

 –don (BYO)

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