Pistol Grip: Live at the Glasshouse, DVD

Sep 16, 2010

It is with a gnawing black shame that I lay my measly cards on the table and admit right up front that I know absolutely nothing about this Pistol Grip band. I am, of course, not supposed to admit this because it shatters the beloved notion of the omniscient music critic and it puts in peril the symbiotic 69 position that I am locked in – psychologically anyway – with my devoted readers. This is just one of those moments of pure sweet dribbling shame that is, for the self-respecting critic, akin to a really, really premature ejaculation. But all is not lost, for I am one of those cuddly types who willingly lays over the cold wet spot and attempts, comically, to salvage the moment. So let's forge ahead here and make the best of things, realizing that there indeed is value in a viewpoint experienced through fresh eyes and ears hooked up to an unbiased mind. For starters I can pass along the fact that Pistol Grip appears on this DVD courtesy of BYO records and they sport several different punk hairdos from the mohawk to the Curly Howard – a coif popular with many oi bands (of which Pistol Grip is considered to be). The DVD features typical DVD special features like "band commentary" and "alternative angle options" – goodies obviously intended for the more hardcore P.G. fan – but the meat and potatoes of this disc is footage from a Pistol Grip show at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA.  I'll admit that the first couple times I watched this, I thought it came off as a sturdy, but somewhat workman-like, offering of generic street punk with a slightly poppy edge. Even though their BYO affiliation affords them a certain degree of automatic street-cred-by-association, I thought that with just of bit of spit and polish, these guys could easily be tossed into the mix of safe corporate punk being served up by the likes of MTV and VH1. After several more listenings – both while sober and while drunk – I’m still not sure I'm entirely wrong about all that, but sure as shit if this Pistol Grip band hasn't grown on me. All-in-all, sure to be a hit with card-carrying P.G. fans and a good introduction to the band for wallflowers like myself. –Aphid Peewit (Kung Fu Films, PO Box 38009, Hollywood, CA90038)