PIST, THE: Input Equals Output Albums 1 & 2: LP

Feb 26, 2009

Double, but separately packaged and sold, set of material from the long gone, late, great Pist. Essentially, this is their discography of EPs, splits, comp tracks, demos, and live recordings from 1993 to 1996 (Ideas Are Bulletproof is reissued now as well). I remember seeing these guys open for Rorschach at Your Place Too in Oakland in 1993. A friend and I were totally surprised to hear a band like this at that time. When just about everyone else was delving into metal, or emo, or limp pop, these guys were playing pure punk, and their stage presence was honest, free of shallow posturing and played-out fashion. The music was well played, but it had this raw and gritty quality about it as well. They could thrash it out then play it slightly slower and never lose any momentum. These guys didn’t play punk to be cool, they played it because they meant it. I thought I had everything they put out, but seeing these two albums and all that is in here, there was quite a bit I was missing. Never knew they had a split with Malachi Krunch, which has the great song, “Mutual.” Then there were the comps I passed over back then; now it’s all here and easily accessible. This stuff holds up quite well twelve years later. Maybe it’s even better now than it was then. Like a fine wine.

 –M.Avrg (Havoc)