PISS PISS PISS: Never Heard of Amebix: CDEP

There’s been a solid trend of coming across releases that show little effort has been put into the layout, but recordings have clearly had some time (and money) put into them. In walks Piss Piss Piss. Who, given the minimal hand-drawn artwork of a fox (?) spray painting the name of the record on a brick wall, I assumed this was going to be a crud-punk record of some sort. Instead, it’s well-recorded, ripping metallic d-beat—probably better than a lot of popular bands of the same ilk. They wear their hometown of PDX on their sleeves, sounding strikingly close to Hellshock, with the token extra guttural vocals. Wasn’t expecting that all with the packaging, but I’m into it. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Sacred Plague)