PISS ANT: Your Best Sucks: CD

Feb 15, 2006

From the band photo in the CD insert, the band looks like a good group of people. The band is comprised of Josi on vocals, Amy on bass, Dave on guitar, and Jeff on drums. However, right off the back, the album rubs me the wrong way. The first song, "Monkey," starts off with a Korn-like, dark, dramatic riff, and then it goes very rock'n' roll. The vocals are not bad. I enjoy Josi's voice when she is singing, as it is raw but feminine. I do not, however, enjoy her vocals on the choruses or the band's back up vocals, especially on "To Think I Thought," "Devil in My Backyard," and "Enemy." The choruses are higher pitched screaming that sounds forced and then electronically subdued. I can't get into it. I can say the latter part of the CD doesn't seem to be as formulaic as the first couple songs.

 –jenny (Malt Soda)