PIPEDOWN: Enemies of Progress: CD

Aug 09, 2009

Thought provoking. I like it when a band does some research and instigates people to seek additional knowledge. Opening up the insert, I see that they have a sizeable list of websites and books that they recommend. I think too many punks don’t read. Old geezers like me who don’t go out as much tend to read more to get stimulated. The lyrics here are not too preachy but do ask people to look and question what this society has become compliant to. Me, I have a lot of anger towards this generic, conformist society we live in. I live for anger-based music that questions. This fits into my cup of tea perfectly. But followers of my writing might be saying that you don’t always listen to hardcore. That is true because my emotions go all over the place, including my musical tastes. But one thing for sure is I listen to punk rock and all its sub-genres 80% of the time. Before popping this in, I thought I was going to get another mediocre melodicore release. Boy, I was wrong. The singer reminds me of the singer from Sick of it All and the music is a blend of Good Riddance meets Sick of it All. Serious as a family death. Nothing excites me more when I can truly tell that a band is serious and not into it for the money and fame. The music and lyrics are well thought out and truly make them standout. I am impressed and this is going straight into the car for ongoing listens. If it means anything to you, this is on Anti Flag’s personal label.

 –don (A-F)

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