Imagine Lemmy from Motörhead fronting a new band that was influenced by Motörhead and more recent bands like Comets On Fire, Fu Manchu, Hellacopters, and the sort. Guitar rock without the theatrics of the past. The music is hard-driving, propelled by a drummer that hits hard, fast, and precise. For the most part, the songs are straight to the point, but on “Sound & Pressure” they go off into a more prog psych realm- a long buildup from rumbling drums, the bass keeps the tension, and the guitar melts and reforms at varying intervals. The song ends up being more of a jam, and while I do like it, I was hoping they would go even further into the psych side of things. Overall, this album is pretty good, but I think they could do better by adding a little more distortion and putting some dirt in the sound.

 –M.Avrg (Alternative Tentacles,