May 26, 2011

Honestly, I know fuckall about this band outside that they were from Belfast and they appear to have started out in the mid-’80s and managed to survive into the early ‘90s. What I do know is that they cranked out some serious thrash that seems to carry the DNA of both the U.K. anarcho-punk crowd and U.S. ‘80s hardcore, with a dash of metal guitar to add a little personality. The lyrics are angry yet laced with a bit of sarcasm around the edges; the tunes are fast ‘n’ furious and tight as hell. In addition to what I’m guessing from the title is their entire oeuvre presented on once CD, you get a thick booklet with lyrics, pictures, flyers, and interviews culled from various fanzines and other sources.

 –jimmy (Anti-Society, [email protected])

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