PINK SWORDS: Shut Up & Take It: CD

Nov 10, 2008

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no saint and that some—nay, most—of the bands I’ve been in have been, at times, quite un-PC. I am also open-minded enough to say these guys are laying down some pretty solid rock/punk here. That said, I think depicting women’s faces and genitalia as urinals is a bit much. In fact, I think it’s pretty fucked up. I’m in no way in favor of censorship and wholly believe that if the intended message they’re trying to convey is that women are equal in worth to something you piss into, then more power to them; but if that IS their intended message, I hope any women currently involved, or who have the potential to be involved with these guys, make note of this, as it is pretty obvious from the artwork on this that they have some pretty deep seated issues. I would also to venture a guess that the moniker they’ve chosen is more than just a clever name.

 –jimmy (Gearhead)

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