PINK SEXIES, THE: Self-titled: 12"

Nov 22, 2009

Label says: “Pink Sexies first 7-song EP originally released in 2001, re-released on pink vinyl with one never released song from The Rock N Roll Moustache Ride sessions in 2003. Limited numbered edition of 150 wreckords.” I say, praise them for reintroducing this to the public. Feels reminiscent of old Black Randy ‘70s punk: soooo desperate, strained vocals, and popping punk hooks. It’s great. But it’s better than just fitting into an old punk sound. They feel like they came upon their anxiety naturally, blowing out frustration with the band. The post-it note says “Knoxville, TN” and that sounds like a great place to feel trapped in, needing to blast out. Cool wreckord you should check out.

 –mike (Wrecked 'Em)

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