PINK REASON: Shit in the Garden: LP

Nov 15, 2011

Pink Reason is not a shape changer. True, if you pick any two Pink Reason songs at random, chances are they are going to sound completely different. Well, completely different, except that they’ll both sound one-hundred percent like Pink Reason. Because Pink Reason is not a shape changer. Pink Reason is a hunger that consumes sounds and makes them its own, shapes them into songs unlike anything you’ll hear on any other record. Sparse acoustic guitar work collides head-on with walls of harsh electronic noise on “Sixteen Years.” Instruments that I can’t even name (Rusty fences being opened and shut? Amplified wind? Exploding computers?) are paired with sounds that have appeared on vinyl since vinyl first appeared, sounds that come and go with logic and no logic at all, and it’s all Pink Reason, and somehow it’s even more than that. These are songs that desperately need to be heard, but don’t care if they’re ever heard or not.

 –mp (Stiltbreeze)