PINK REASON: “Ache for You” b/w “Darken Daze”: 7”

Jan 11, 2013

Ohio and environs—close enough to be far away. Far away enough to be left alone to form a unique identity and not harvested by the microsecond by whatever style is in fancy, almost regardless if the shiny/fancy shit is on the backs of undocumented souls and decades of great work. I’m thinking Sun God, This Moment In Black History, The Chargers Street Gang, wherever the Homostupids are from. There’s a bleak desperation in Kevin DeBroux; a rust-encrusted, poverty-ensnared, life-is-shit, better-play-music vibe in Pink Reason that I really respond to. It’s outsider music for those without a backup plan. To give you a watershed, it’s garage rock without the comfort of a garage. Handgun in the Laundromat.

 –todd (Savage Quality,

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