PINK RAZORS: Self-titled: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

I like to make up games to play with myself. The latest is seeing if I can straighten my bedroom before this three-song record ends. Will a receipt on the floor distract me? Will the needle lift up before the last song ends? I usually get too amped up on these guys’ Dillinger 4-ish pop punk to focus on much save for pacing the apartment, speaking gibberish at the cat. The recording here is a little rougher than that on their latest full-length, which adds some much-appreciated grit to their sharp, melodic sounds. Also, they might be playing a tad slower, or maybe the 7” format allows the listener to focus on the individual tracks, but I am also detecting an element of British punk like Stiff Little Fingers here. New game: can I write an objective review of my friends’ band? CT Terry

 –guest (Rorschach)