PINK RAZORS: Scene Suicide: CDEP

Oct 09, 2006

Oh yeah. Fuck yeah! This band is from Richmond, VA, where I grew up. This record almost makes me wish I still lived there. It totally reminds me of the glory days of Avail, but doesn't really sound too much like them. It's more like Dillinger Four or Tired of You-era Scared of Chaka. It's fucking excellent. Great lyrics: my favorite is the song "Dear Jurisprudence," about the shitty urban sprawl that's been fucking up Richmond the past few years (hey guys, you're not alone, that shit is happening everywhere). Great production and I'm really stoked to see this on Robotic Empire. It's nice when a label doesn't just stick to one kind of music ‘cause this thing is awesome and I think I might glue my CD player shut with this in it. I cannot possibly give this record a higher recommendation. Just go fucking get it now!

 –ben (Robotic Empire)