PINK FITS: Don’t Ask Why: CD Single

Jul 23, 2007

The opening chords to “Don’t Ask Why” are cribbed from the Mummies “Shake!” the vocal lead-in “aaahhh-aaahhh-aaahhh-AAAHHH!!!” from the Beatles “Twist and Shout,” and the cymbals crash roughly forty-six times per second. It’s wild garage rock from Wollongong and will send you into epileptic hysteria if you go for this kind of thing. The Pink Fits music will get yer ass off the barstool and onto the dance floor, plugging the top of your bottle of beer, shaking it recklessly, and watching the foam squirt all over every other dancer around you. Song number two on this CD single comes from none other than the aforementioned Mummies, a cover of their version of “Just One More Dance.” I could see myself falling down drunk and dancing with a hot girl to the Pink Fits at a future Budget Rock Festival.

 –benke (Outback R’N’R)

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