PINE HILL HAINTS, THE: Welcome to the Midnight Opry / The Evening Star: LP / LP

Jan 19, 2012

The future and past are filled with ghosts. Ghosts of memory. Ghosts of potential. The Pine Hill Haints somehow interconnect and harvest those two ghosts like sheets made out of smoke. To call them “old timey” music is a disservice because, although they play traditional music amplified, there’s no fuzzy mittens of nostalgia in their music, no regression to a time that exists as mere fable. One of the largest issues I have with new music is the motherfucking robots—with their bloodless computer brains, microchips, software, social programming digitized—making it. The Haints have the ability to continually remind me that all music’s worth listening to is based on the human heart. The valves. The pumping. The thrum in your ears. The pulse at the wrist. The thud, thud, thud, that it you listen to it closely, that if you listen to it for long periods of time, you can swear that you see a simple beat twining above you into this thing called a soul. In my book, music that does that is rare. Welcome to the Midnight Opry is a full-length of new songs. The Evening Star is a collection of previously released songs and it’s nice to have them all in the same basket.

 –todd (Opry, K, / Evening Star, Black Owl Radio)

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