PIGS: Illuminati House Party: LP

Jul 06, 2010

Heavy stuff here. But it’s not all doom and thud. This is a good mix of straight-up rock, with songs like “Population Control” and “Hard Lovin’ Van,” and then they give you stuff like “The Call,” which is in the realm of Sabbath and Sleep. But the crème de la crème is the Sabbath-inspired riff godhead “Lurch,” which is so undeniably good it requires a couple more listens before moving on to the next song. Then you get the epic “Taser Trilogy,” which is, as the title suggests, a three-part instrumental jam. At points this stuff reminds me of mid- to late-’80s SST output: jam heavy and out of left field. Would love to see these guys live. This record comes packaged in a foldout, two-color screen printed cover, along with a CD-R of the album to listen to in the car. Fuck yeah!

 –M.Avrg (Sugar Mountain, [email protected])