PIG//CONTROL: Trauma: 7” EP

I thought their self-titled EP from a while back was pretty crushing. This was one is just as heavy, and maybe more devastating on a sonic level. Each song is a huge, rough, and raw chunk of sound that sounds like it’s being torn apart and slammed down onto the pavement. The guitars are drenched in feedback and distortion. They push noisy leads that sound like they were pulled from the outer reaches of the cosmos. Percussion hits hard and fast with chaotic abandon while the bass gives everything a nasty grit and solid-as-hell low end. Vocals are delivered in a rabid rapid-fire bursts, and yet every word comes across loud and clear. The first three songs come at you in quick and noisy bursts tied together with dread and distortion. I find I’m a fan of their songs on the second side (such as “Trauma” on their self-titled EP), which tend to be slightly longer workouts than the A side material. “Kein Frieden” is a heavy and noisy number that mainly stays on the mid-tempo side, with a brief foray into faster territory. It’s catchy as hell, with head banging rhythms that eventually give way to whirlwind fury before collecting itself once again and washing out into a gurgling foam of sick distortion as the drums punch holes into the wall. Fantastic! 

 –M.Avrg (Heartfirst)