PIG HEART TRANSPLANT: “Weapon” b/w “Gut Pleasures”: 7”

As you’ve probably read elsewhere (or heard by now, as this has been out long enough to be sold out at the source), noise project Pig Heart Transplant toys around with something like song structure on this one. The last thing that I had heard from PHT was the devastating Hope You Enjoy Heaven LP+7”, which was rather menacing. This is a bit of a departure from previous output, to be sure, though not in a manner that makes it seem to be anything but begotten from the same maniacal vision. Both songs are slow, heavy, and center around repetitive drum-pummeling: the sound of torment carefully making its way down a hall to corner you in terror. The main accompaniments on “Weapon” are the repetition of a discomforting guitar riff and quiet, raspy vocals, though pieces of noise are still present. “Gut Pleasures” gets much noisier and has ominous bellowing throughout. Both tracks convey a feeling of being tracked by an opportunistic, malicious predator and nightmarish paranoia. Inhuman and brilliant.

 –Vincent (Iron Lung)