Oct 09, 2006

Picture Frame Seduction are a UK punk/oi band from the ‘80s. The album Sex War contains eleven new songs and nine bonus live tracks recorded at the UK Punk All-Dayer. The music is fast and hard, with quick drum beats and bass riffs that scream savage skill. “UK 82” is a catchy song that plucks at your musical bone with a fierce bass intro that leads into a classic skinhead sing-along circle pit song. Many songs discuss politics, with a heavy focus on the war and current U.S. politics, with song titles such as “Blair Bush Project” and a lot of album art of Bush and war. At times, the lyrics are elementary and not incredibly impressive like in the song, “Spit or Swallow” with lyrics like “Who should they follow/Spit or swallow” repeated multiple times in a long song. The live portion of the CD displays the band’s ferocious playing speed and ability to start a circle pit. Fans of UK punk, especially the Exploited and GBH, will most likely embrace this CD with open arms.

 –jenny (Cult Jam)