PICK YOUR SIDE: Let Me Show You How Democracy Works: LP

Jul 23, 2012

As mentioned in my Countdown To Oblivion review, Left For Dead was pivotal in my hardcore youth, as was Hamilton, Ontario’s Chokehold, both of which featured known troublemaker Jeff Beckman on guitar. A few years back, Beckman became somewhat infamous in the underground hardcore scene fronting the band Haymaker, whose live antics were more-often-than-not described as violent, dangerous, and totally furious. Pick Your Side is Beckman’s new-ish project, and with his very distinct “high growl” vocal style and fast, simple, brutal hardcore base, Haymaker comparisons are both inevitable and accurate. But I’m not complaining. Vicious hardcore with venomous lyrics that still seem so right out of Hamilton to me. That city just breeds rage, no doubt.

 –Dave William (A389 Recordings, a389records.com)

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