PI: Plethora: CD

Jul 06, 2010

Ranchero punk! Or maybe Norteño punk… possibly cumbia punk? I probably would have to ask my parents to be sure. Either way, this is awesome. Probably one of the best party albums I’ve heard in a long while. Also, this finally fulfills my longstanding wish of hearing a band do something like this, with the extra plus that it doesn’t suck. In fact, quite the opposite. Get a fast punk band, add an accordion, get them to do polkas (“Polka Time”) and some ballads (“Love Taco”) and a taste for Tex-Mex music, and you have this band. That sounds like a recipe for a novelty disaster, and in the hands of a lesser band it might be, but these guys pull it off. “Cantina” and “Campesino” are some rippers that could start off both a rowdy backyard BBQ full of either punk rockers or my extended family from New Mexico. The mix of good ol’ anarcho style Spanish and English lyrics in the mix on songs like “Suckcess” and “Maquilapolis” is a nice touch tambien. Also, the title of the album has to be a reference to Three Amigos and who didn’t like that movie? This gets thumbs up all around and my seal of approval.

 –Adrian (Saustex, saustexmedia.com)