PHYLUMS: “Decisions” b/w “Vexed”: 7"

Apr 29, 2016

Reviewing records is a treat, but trust me when I say we have to wade through a ton of shit to find the golden nuggets. When it happens, it’s always worth the effort. This record is exactly what a 7” should be: two songs, big hole, cool art. Everything about this record is great. The songs are well recorded, well crafted, and make you keep flipping the fucker over. I can’t decide which side is best, and you know what? I ain’t gonna. I guess these cats have been in a bunch of other bands and that time and experience in the craft shows. These songs have been worked on, loved, created, and packaged into something more than landfill. This is a record I’ll grab from the shelf over and over, a piece of art that is worth having in my house. It’s cool punk rock with an almost rockabilly feel, hollow bodied guitars, stand-up drummer style, and the odd flourish on the keys. Bare bones. Shit doesn’t have to be complex to work. Getting the recipe right is the key. I’m hearing Thee Mighty Caesars or the Headcoatees filtered though the Cramps and—the hell?—even the Meteors. It’s current but reeks of history. I’d be hard pushed to pick a decade. Yesterday or thirty years ago? Who gives a fuck? This record is the reason for finding new shit to listen to. I’ll be right back. Gotta just flip this over again. 

 –Tim Brooks (Dusty Medical)