PHOTOS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Jan 31, 2008

If the press one-sheet that came with this is any indication, these guys fancied themselves the U.K. answer to Blondie, which I reckon is not too far off the mark, if that’s the only reference they had available at the time. For my money, though, they sounded like the Brit counterpart to East L.A.’s The Brat, who in their prime were contemporaries of the Photos when they originally released this album. Both bands were much more streamlined, tighter, faster, and to the point in their pop, with more of the punk engine (the band’s core is the remnants of cult punk darlings Satan’s Rats) that got them going in evidence than Blondie had by that time. Although the pop can get a wee bit sticky-sweet in some places here, they’re really something when they put it in overdrive and just rock.

 –jimmy (

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