Philippine Hardcore/Punk Scene Report: By Emmanuel Jasmin

Jul 24, 2006

Hi there folks! Emmanuel Jasmin of Resist To Exist zine/Delusion of Terror Production here to give you the latest info on what’s happening within our local scene on this side of the planet. First off, let me give you some bits of info with regard to our country. For those who slept in their geography class, the Philippines are an island nation located in the South East part of Asia. Its neighboring countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Burma, to name a few. It has 7,100 islands, which are divided, into three different major islands namely: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The people here are ethnically related to the Malay, although there are various indigenous people here as well. It has a population of 84 million and still growing. The country’s capital is Manila, which is located in the metro Manila area also known as National Capital Region (NCR) in the Island of Luzon, wherein the so-called “seat of power” of the nation can be found. The main language here is Tagalog, though there are lots of different dialects being spoken in various regions and parts of the country. English is also widely spoken here, so you wouldn’t have any problem with regard to communication if you intend to write or get in touch with anyone here.

The economic and political situation here is not very stable due to rampant graft and corruption in the government—that’s why the majority of the population here are living below the poverty line, which results in widespread unemployment and other shit that can be attributed to a third world shithole.

The Philippines have had a punk scene since the early ‘80s, however, it is largely unknown in the U.S. or the rest of the world. I won’t discuss and expound on it further, as I wasn’t a part of the scene at that time, thus my knowledge with regard to the “early days” of Pinoy hardcore punk might not be sufficient, and I don’t want to miss some essential facts. Heck! I was still a toddler at that time, okay?

Anyways, on this report, I will try my best to include all the necessary info about our beloved underground scene to the best of my knowledge. So here it goes.


Age Of Decomposition, or AOD, is a grindcore band based in Cavite. They are featured on the This Is Cavite, Not LA compilation CD-R under Take 4, as well as on the No Bullshit Vol.1 compilation by No Bullshit zine. Their going to have a split CD with Quezon City death/grind band, Decadencia.

Aggressive Dog Attack, or ADA, is the oldest band in the San Pedro, Laguna area. They have been together for more than a decade with various lineup changes. This band plays raw, insane hardcore punk with pissed-off, screaming vocals. Their lyrics are quite political with a dose of humor and sarcasm. They have done three releases so far, the latest being the split tape with NSA. They are also featured in Life on the Edge records (Malaysia) 4 way South East Asian split CD entitled, Blast from the East along with Lead II Nitrate (Singapore), Opusan Bangsat (Indonesia), and Nyiblorong (Malaysia). [email protected]

AFM are a three piece hardcore punk band from Naic, Cavite. If I am not mistaken AFM, stands for Atonal Fracas Music. They have seven song demo out with lo-fi sound quality.

Ammunition is a metalcore band from Sta Rosa, Laguna. They have an album entitled Infinite Suffering, under Railroad Records, featuring eleven tracks of pure metalcore assault.

Backfist plays fucking powerviolence influence by Spazz and the likes. Most of their songs have a very funny and sarcastic tone. They have a demo CD-R, The Boys from Golden Harvest, under Take 4. They also contributed some songs on the compilation, and This Is Cavite, Not LA.

Bad Omen is a punk rock band that started out in the early ‘90s. They use to play ‘77-style punk before but now their sound leans more on the Epitaph/Fat Wreck type of melodic punk. They have already done three albums. They’re going to release a new album before the year ends.

Bystorm: this band reminds me of early Integrity and some mid-‘90s metallic hardcore bands. Most of the titles for their songs are written in our native language, Tagalog, but are sung in English. They have a split CD with Sauna from Batangas City, which was released by Take Four Collective. [email protected]

Catalepsis is the only band in the Lucena City scene that plays brutal, neck-breaking grindcore. They have released a six-song demo CD that contains an Agathocles cover. They are going to appear in a four-way split CD-R with some local crust/grind bands such as Human Mastication, Paraconflict, and Crustration.


Co-Arse is into raw hardcore/crust. Half of the members of this band (the vox and guitarist) came from the now defunct crust act, Lie Detector. They already have a nine-song CD-R demo that features some covers from Indignation, Dissober, and SHOS. They will also appear in a split CD with Kurwa Aparata from Austria. [email protected]

Contrasting Minds is a side project band by the people from No Description, Standfast, and Sablay. They play a fusion of street punk and crust. They have a six-song demo tape that has not been released yet.

Crustration is a new band from Davao City that plays crust with some grinding moments. From what I’ve heard, they already have a demo, though I haven’t had the chance to lay my hands on it yet. Some members of the band are also involved in Sullen Seed Production.

Dance Of Decline plays brutal mosh-metal with a raging female vocalist. They are influenced by the likes of Walls Of Jericho and early ‘90s hardcore. If you want to hear what they sound like, do check out their rehearsal tape. [email protected]

Decay hails from Baguio City. They play a mixture of hardcore and death/thrash. They have an album called, Driven by Death under Railroad Records.

Defiant is Baguio City’s premiere metalcore band, playing in the veins of Earth Crisis and All Out War with Bloodlet-ish-like vocals. Thy have done three releases so far. The full length, Devastation, and the latest split CD with fellow Baguio hardcore band, Limit Break under Railroad Records.

Disabuse is a crust/grind band based in Sampaloc, Manila. They have appeared in various DIY tape compilations here and abroad. They have a split CD-R with Malaysian crusties, Parkinson, under Owl Records from the U.S.A. I’ve heard that they are going to release a new album sometime soon, hopefully splits with any local or foreign crust band. So do watch out for that one. [email protected]

Diskontento is a new band from Manila are into crust/grind and take influences from Ulcerrhoea and Agathocles. I’ve seen them live and they are quite okay. They are planning to record their songs, which are intended for a split tape. It’s a side project by the guys from Disabuse, Sablay, and Standfast.

Emancipator are a crust band from Davao City with female vocals influenced by Jobbycrust. They have a demo tape called Holocaust.

Fall Face First are metallic hardcore from San Pablo City. They play a VOD and Hatebreed style of hardcore. I’ve heard that they are planning to record their own material soon.

Feud hails from the lower west side Cavite scene. If you’re into bands that play hardcore thrash ala Bloodpact or Vitamin X, then go check this band out. They have already have a couple releases under their belt and have appeared on various international compilations like Take No Heroes, and Hardcore Attack Vol. 1 to name a few. Their latest album Battling Bastards of Freedom was released by Take 4 Collective in collaboration with some labels abroad like 625 Records, Boisleve Prodcution, and Where’s Your Anger. [email protected]

G.I & The Idiots are back again after a long period of absence. It’s good to see old punks getting involved in the scene again and playing gigs. They have two albums out: Fascinating World of Garbage released back in 1986 under TRC and Technology Eats the World back in 1995 under Recycled Records. If you’re into fast hardcore punk with goofy and sarcastic lyrics, you should check them out. I’ve heard that Life On The Edge Records from Malaysia is planning to release their discography CD.

Half The Battle is a new band that plays fast-paced old school hardcore. Their sound reminds me a bit of American Nightmare and Final Exit. They have a seven-song demo on CD-R that is being given out for free by the band. One of the best hardcore bands to come out this year. [email protected] or [email protected]

Holding Hands plays catchy and melodic punk rock somewhat similar to Ataris or New Found Glory. They have a demo on CD-R format, which I still haven’t heard yet—maybe because I’m not much of a fan of this style of punk, but if you are then you may like them.

Human Mastication is grind/death band from the faraway Davao city scene. If you’re into bands like Dying Fetus then you should check them out. They have a split CD with Rotten Cold from Austria under Reverb Productions from Malaysia.

Ill Askatrach used to play hardcore with some rap metal influence. Nowadays they are into fast hardcore with some thrash influence. They have a demo CD, Geeky Noise Euphoria on their own Whatcore? Records.

Istukas Over Disneyland play tight, catchy oi/punk influenced by the likes of Cocksparrer, Red Alert, and The Business. They have a full-length album All Been Said Before under their own label, Love From Hate Records. They’re going to have a split LP soon with an Indonesian band, Crashed Out Under Maloka and W.G.F Records from France. They have recorded a new twelve-song demo that they intend to release sometime this year. They are currently looking for interested parties to help them with the release. My favorite local oi/punk band! [email protected]

Isvarah plays tight and heavy metallic hardcore with some crossover. Some of the members play for AOD and Bystorm. I heard they are going to release something soon.

Killratio is a new band that plays Scandinavian-inspired hardcore with some breakdowns. Energetic and powerful. I really enjoy their set whenever they play live. Hope they will release something soon.

Kontraklasse is a new band by the former Red Corpse drummer. They are into crust with dual vox assault. They have a rehearsal tape called, Results of Terror. They’re going to have a full-length album out soon entitled, They Lie, We Die.

Left Of Center plays melodic punk almost similar to Face To Face. They already have two albums out, both of which are available from SRA Records from Cebu City.

Marcos Cronies is a band from Angeles City that plays traditional ska, taking cues from Two Tone bands. They already have a full-length album on CD-R format under Shameless Records. They also appeared and participated on various compilations here and abroad.

Mea Culpa play metallic hardcore with lots of mosh parts, hailing from Cebu City. They have a split album with another hardcore band from Cebu City under SRA Records.

Militant Minds is into crust with political lyrics sung in our native language. One of the few bands in San Pedro who are into this kind of stuff. They are still in the process of releasing a demo.

Minority Blocks is heavily influence by ‘82 U.K. punk bands like GBH, Chaos UK, and Exploited. They have a fifteen-song full-length album, We the Minorities under SRA Records. They contributed a song on the latest SRA compilation, Eight and Counting and the TRC tribute album under Middle Finger Production wherein they did a cover of IOV’s “Gorvachev Attack.” [email protected]

My Brother The Bastard is a two man crusty outfit from San Pedro, Laguna. The band is composed of two brothers who tend to create raging crust music.

No Description plays a mixture of oi, street punk, and crust, thus their name suits them well as it’s a bit hard to describe their sound. I’ve seen them play and they are quite okay. Hope to see them record a demo soon.

NSA plays old school-inspired hardcore punk. This is the most active recording band in our scene today, in my opinion. Their goal is to release nine albums—they’ve already done seven—and after that they will finally call it quits. NSA makes use of their acronym to title all their releases, like: No Strings Attach, No Stereotype Allowed, Nobody Shits Anyone. Perhaps they are working on the same concept as MDC. Their latest offering is a split tape with ADA.

Nuclear Punishment plays metallic hardcore with brutal, gut-wrenching vocals. They haven’t released anything yet, though I’ve heard they intend to hit the studios to record their material.

Paraconflict is an anarcho-punk band that came from the same place as Coarse and Disabuse. Their lyrics deal with police abuses, militarization, and human rights, to name a few. They released a demo tape entitled Fascist Terror a couple of years ago. This time their sound leans more into crust/grind. They have a new eight-song demo, which features a cover from Masher. From what I’ve heard, it is going to be released by a label from Japan. [email protected]

Play is into hardcore with some thrash tendencies. They used to play melodic punk but they decided to shift to something heavier and faster. They are still in the process of creating a demo.

RDA, which stands for Rapid Deployment For Action, is one of the oldest existing punk bands here in our country. They had been around since the early ‘80s. They play old school hardcore with chaotic overtones. They only managed to release one album, Brave United in Trust, back in 1986. They haven’t released anything new since then, except for one song that appeared in the Up Yours compilation back in 2000.

Richard Collier plays melodic punk similar to the Ataris and Alkaline Trio. They have done two releases so far, a full length album entitled Bid Time Return, and a four-song acoustic demo on CD-R. They are going to have a new album soon which will probably be released by Take Four.

SA17 play hardcore sometimes bordering on power violence. From what I’ve heard, they have a rehearsal demo but I haven’t heard it yet, so I can’t say what it sounds like.

Sauna is a new band from the outskirts of Batangas City. This band features members from the now defunct Forgiveness Denied. They had been heralded as the Philippines answer to Converge. I’ve seen them play a couple of times and they are really good, especially live! They have a split CD with Manila’s Bystorm under Take Four Collective. [email protected],

Sedition was formed back in 2000 and is based in Malate, Manila. They play crustcore with dual vox. The members of the band are also involved in bands like System Catastrophe and NSA. They are planning to release an album in the near future.

Settle Down is into melodic punk with a touch of emo. They’ve already managed to release their own demo. They have a split CD with San Pablo City’s Village Idiots entitled Split Ends on Acid Cow Art Collective.

Shrapnel is into old school hardcore with some hints of new school sound. They have released two albums so far. They are also featured on the SRA compilation, Eight and Counting. A third album is on the way and it’s going to be called Unreal, and 15 Minutes of Daylight Left., [email protected]

Standfast is a dual vocals, female-fronted anarcho-punk band from Manila. They already have a demo CD-R out and are planning to do a split with some local bands in the future.

The Beauty Of Doubt is a band composed of former members of No Fucking Morals, Mindrape, and Free For All. They play melodic hardcore with touches of emo. In some ways, they remind me of Bad Religion. They have an eight-song CD called, Everything Ends released on their own label, Counterflow. They are also going to release a new CD sometime this year. [email protected]

The Kids Are Drunk is one of the few existing punk bands in the province of Pangasinan. They are into old school hardcore with some thrashy overtones. They haven’t released anything yet.

Throw is a new band headed by former Dead Ends vocalist, Mr. Al Dimalanta. They play old-fashioned hardcore sometimes bordering on crossover. They have a self-titled full-length CD out on their Throw Inc label. I’ve heard their going to have a new album, which is due for release before the year ends.

YFC is a five piece band that hails from Imus, Cavite and they play hardcore thrash with lyrics that are all done in Tagalog. They appeared on the compilation This Is Cavite Not LA.


Betloogs is a punk/hardcore zine done by Boi of the band, ADA. This zine features stuff about politics and the environment. Issue # 6 is out now. New issue will be out soon.

Coffeemug is a personal/punk zine that came from the same place as Thought Market. Done by the bassist of MDP. Issue #4 is out now.

Gran Peligro is a new zine done by a guy named Jay from Antipolo City. He has done two issues so far. It covers hardcore/crust and other stuff. I haven’t laid my hands on it yet, so I can’t say much about it.

Keep Da Faith is a hardcore zine done by Reypeace. One the best hardcore zines I have read locally. Issue #2 has been released and the third assault is currently in the making. He used to edit numerous zines back in the early ‘90s.

Mutilated News is one of the oldest existing hardcore punk zines here that was originally done back in 1988 by Mr. Noel Francia. This zine can also be accessed online.

No Bullshit is a zine that covers punk, hardcore, and metal. It’s done by a guy named Corix, from Cavite, who also plays for AFM. So far he has released two issues. The zine can also be accessed through the net via this web page

Refuge is a zine done by Joab. It covers the hardcore punk/thrash spectrum. It’s been ages since I last saw a new issue but I’ve heard that the new issue will be released before the year ends and will contain chats with Disabuse, Coarse, and Feud. Issue #3 out now.

Notorious covers ska, oi, punk, and hardcore. It is being edited by Francis Jordan, who sings for Istukas Over Disneyland. The text for this zine is mostly done with an old school typewriter. Issue #10 out now. [email protected]

Northern Territory is a ska punk oriented zine done by my pal Dyey. This zine seems to pick up where Newskaster left off. It is also pro printed and has interviews with various ska and punk acts, locally and abroad. Issue #3 out now.

Oathmeal is an anarcho-punk zine which focuses on various socio-political stuff that deals with our everyday life. A vagabond punk named Mark does it. I’ve lost count on how many issues he has done but most of it is handwritten with a very messy cut and paste layout.

Paroxysm is a new zine done by Magel, the bassist of No Description. It covers the typical hardcore/punk stuff that you can find in a punk zine, such as interviews and reviews. Two issues are out so far.

 Plug And Play is a zine from Cebu city done by Maricar, which aims to cover the existing scene in their area. It features articles and the usual stuff. Two issues have been release so far.

Resist To Exist is my zine. I tried my best to feature bands and individuals who have something to say other than just rocking out. I also incorporate some writings that cover personal to political stuff, as well as some fictional stories and other literary pieces. The latest one, which is a double issue 4 and 5, will feature interviews with Atrocious Madness (U.S.), Dissoap (Luxembourg), Demisor (Singapore), Bruce Banner (Sweden), Mass Separation (Malaysia), Edora (Singapore), and Gallhammer (Japan). Plus loads of other interesting stuff to read! [email protected]

Sampcore Discourse is a crust punk-oriented zine done by the vocalist of Disabuse. It has articles which cover local and political stuff. The latest issue, # 3 features interviews with Catalepsis and poet extraordinaire, Dan Buck, plus the usual zine stuff.

Sapling Thoughts is zine from Los Banos, Laguna done by Karen. It usually covers feminism plus some personal stuff. Issue #4 out now.

Slackerbooger is another new zine done by Dane. The zine covers everything from pop punk, emo, hardcore and everything in between. The latest issue features interviews with WHN?, MXPX, Pop Unknown, and NFM, plus the usual reviews and articles.

Spinknots is a zine done by Pidol and Weng from Malolos, Bulacan. It features interviews, reviews, articles, plus other stuff they find interesting. Two issues out so far.

The Conspiracy is done collectively by the people behind Take 4 Collective. It is being heralded as the local counterpart of Heartattack due to its features and coverage (steady set of columnist, interviews, reviews, pro printed). The latest issue had a theme on “Womyn,” which features interviews with women zinesters locally and abroad. One of the best zines from the Philippines! [email protected], [email protected]

Thought Market is a neat and good looking hardcore/punk zine from San Pablo City. This, by far, is the most consistent zine that I have read in that area. Critical and controversial. Eight issues have been released.

Verbal Offense is one of the few existing anarcho-punk/crust zines here. It is done by the vocalist of Co-arse. Most of the text for this zine is handwritten, which gives it a more distinct style. Issue #9 should be out soon and it will feature interviews with Scorned and Holy Whores, to name a few.

Youth For A Cause is a zine done by the YFAC Collective from San Pablo City. It’s been ages since I saw the last issue of this zine. Hope the new issue will be released soon.

Labels and Distro

Boi Baboy is a label/distro started by Boi of ADA exclusively done to release ADA materials. They have done four releases so far, the latest being the split with NSA. [email protected]

Crapsalad releases some local gig videos in VCR format, the first of its kind for our local scene. They have done five releases so far. They also run a distro, which usually distributes bootlegged CD-Rs for affordable prices.

Delusion Of Terror is a small distro/label ran and operated by yours truly. I usually carry tapes (original and dubbed copies) CDs (both locally and abroad), vinyl, and zines. I’m currently distributing some stuff from labels in Malaysia, Singapore, and Israel like Sangsara, Life on the Edge, Ugly Smokers, Cactus, Propamedia, No Action Taken, Broken Noise, Dratsab, Homegrown, One Voice, Friday, Outcast Impact, Thrash Steady Syndicate, and Boshet. Upcoming releases are Mass Separation discography (thrash/grind from Malaysia), Demisor Philippines tour tape (Singapore’s grindcore legends), Apparatus Another Night of Holocaust tape (rap punk/crust from Malaysia), Gallhammer Endless Nauseous Days, and self-titled demo in one CD (all female doom death metal from Japan), and more. [email protected], [email protected]

DIY Shoes is a new label run by a guy named Rommel. Their first release is the six-band compilation CD-R In the Name of Revolution, featuring Flatbush, Eskapo, Kadena (All three of them are U.S.-based bands with an all Filipino lineup), Tartars, Disabuse and Minority Blocks. They will release a new compilation entitled Down with Imperialism, featuring bands who lean more towards leftist ideology. [email protected]

Make Your Own is, in my opinion, the most mobilized distribution in our scene today. They carry lots of stuff from abroad, ranging from tapes, vinyl, CDs, zines, books, and pamphlets. Some of the stuff they distro are Slug & Lettuce, Inside Front, and Crimethinc releases. One of my favorite distro’s around, no doubt about it!

Middle Finger Productions have been releasing tapes since 1993, mostly compilations. This label is being run by Jon Fishbone of the band, Bad Omen. They have done seven releases so far. Most of their releases are mass-produced and have glossy, pro printed covers and sleeves. They’re going to release a bunch of stuff before the year ends, like the Twisted Red Cross tribute album, the In Your Face Compilation Vol.1, which features twenty-two bands ranging from punk rock, ska, hardcore, emo, thrash, and grind as well as the new Bad Omen album.

Noise Attack, ex-Feel Free Production, is a label that is into crust, grind, and noisecore. George recently released a DIY compilation on CD-R called, We Won’t Give and Won’t Take It, featuring some crust, grind, and noisecore bands from abroad like Forca Macabra, Existench, Japura Noise Project, and Catalepsis.

Noise Scream Angst is a label exclusively created to release only NSA materials. It is run by Richard, NSA’s drummer.

Railroad, is ex-Southside distro. The stuff they release is mostly metallic hardcore bands of the NY hardcore variety. They release albums of bands like Piledriver, Defiant, Limitbreak, Ammunition, and Decay as well as the Railroad Records Sampler series.

Shameless Records is a small, DIY label dedicated to ska and its sub genre. The editor of Northern Territory zine runs this label. So far he has five releases, mostly local ska acts.

Struggle For Radical Action, or SRA, is a label operated and ran by the people behind bands like Sharpnel, Minority Blocks, and Left Of Center. They have done twenty-two releases so far, mostly bands from their scene in Cebu City. They recently released a twenty-five band compilation, Eight and Counting featuring hardcore/punk bands from Luzon and Visayas.

Sullen Seed Project is a distro/label/publication done by Von. He distros CD, tapes and VHS, which are mostly recopied or bootlegs from the originals (mostly CD burned), since it’s the cheapest and fastest way to spread the message as most of the kids here can’t afford to order original copies from abroad. Latest release was Despite, Destroy Your Way of Life CD–R (grind from Wisconsin, U.S.A.) and Destitution, Live in Nancy CD–R (hardcore punk from Luxembourg).

Take 4 did the local tape pressing of Catharsis Passion, What Happens Next? Discography. As well as Feud’s No Surrender to the Enemy tape and For the Sake of Unit CD. They recently released a compilation on CD-R of some local thrash, hardcore bands from Cavite entitled, This Is Cavite Not LA. They also released Feud’s Battling Bastards of Freedom CD. The latest one is the Bystorm/Sauna split CD.

Gigs and Shows

Shows usually happen every month and it’s mostly held on weekends, as the majority of the punks here either have school or work on weekdays—and it’s not easy to set up a show, as it needs lots of preparation and organizing. Most of the gigs here are being held in sports complexes, multi-purpose halls, basketball courts, school grounds, vacant lots, garages and sometimes even on sidewalks! There are some who tried to do gigs in clubs but it seldom happens, as the majority of the clubs here, particularly those that are located within metro Manila, charge so much for the rentals, equipment, and everything. The standard price for the entrance fee is P30 (That’s half a dollar in U.S. currency), but most of the time it is being cut off from the original price, and that’s a fucking bargain! Most of the gigs here feature mix bills, so you’ll have different variations of underground hardcore punk to watch and listen to. The lineup for a gig would consist of fifteen to twenty bands, though it varies from place to place.


Touring Bands: For bands abroad who are thinking of playing here in the Philippines, when they are on tour in South East Asia, please bear in mind that the Philippines is a poor country and that we cannot afford to cover for your airfare or even pay you. If you want to play here, just think of it as a “vacation with punk music on the side.” We can cover your food, drinks, and transportation and maybe provide some crash pads, though it really depends upon the situation. Shows can be arranged on weekends. It’s a bit difficult to do gigs here everyday, especially since most of the kids here who set up tours need to go to work or are still schooling. The best time to come here is in the month of May, as that is the summer season and most kids don’t have school—though any day of the year is okay as long as its well planned and organized. Some bands that have already played here are Peaceful Protest (Japan), Truth of Arize (Japan), Signal 3 (U.S.), Code 13 (U.S.), Container Crusties From Hell (France/Holland), Himsa (U.S.) and most recently Demisor (Singapore), Brazil UFO, and No Peace (both from Japan).

Radiation Area is a small DIY punk shop located in Cartimar Shop in Recto, Manila. The shop carries tapes, CDs, zines, shirts, pins, patches, second hand stuff and other punk paraphernalia. The shop also serves as a venue for various discussions, forums, workshops, and film showings, which is conducted and facilitated by various collectives and individuals. The shop is being run and maintained by Darwin Koh a.k.a. Rattus of Co-Arse band.

Food Not Bombs: There are various people that do Food Not Bombs here. It actually varies from place to place. There are some that are based and operated in metro Manila, others are held and conducted in the provinces.

For those who want to know about the history of the early punk/hardcore scene here in our country, I suggest that you check out this web page.

This is an unofficial history of the Philippines scene, though the facts provided here are quite informative and essential.

End Notes

I think that’s all I can offer in this scene report. I hope it sheds some light on the thriving punk scene here in our country. This report isn’t 100% complete. I’m sure there are loads of bands, zines, labels, and distros that I overlooked, but it wasn’t on purpose. Maybe next time. Feel free to write or email me when in need of any information regarding the scene here, the same goes with the band, label, and zine contact addresses. Sorry if they aren’t included here, I’m kind of lazy these days. Communication, not Isolation!

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