Feb 26, 2009

This CD comes in complicatedly folded cardboard sleeve that turns into a rocket ship. It’s pretty cool, but a major pain in the ass to fold back together afterwards. I recommend you slip the CD into a spare jewel case or something. There was also a cool die cut Phenomenauts pin that came with the CD. Musically, the Phenomenauts are best described as “space cadet rockabilly pop punk.” This could be a mess, except that the Phenomenauts actually write great, catchy, songs, continuing the excellence of their previous album Re-Entry. Having also seen them live several times, I can say that they are a genuinely mind blowing experience that shouldn’t be missed. This is the perfect music for cruising your ‘50s-era spaceship to the malt shop and flirting with cute aliens. Since the Groovie Ghoulies are no more (although Kepi is still going strong solo), I would say that the Phenomenauts are tied with Gogol Bordello for the best pure fun punk band around right now.

 –Adrian (Silver Sprocket)