PHASES OF THE MOON #5: $10, copied, 120 pgs.

Jul 27, 2015

Phases of the Moon is probably one of the most heartbreaking and familiar zines I’ve come to read this year. This particular issue is a recount of the true story of author Stacey-Marie’s five-year-long abusive relationship to an alcoholic. From her writing, you can tell that this woman is incredibly articulate and smart; self-aware of the fact that she is in a relationship with an alcoholic, but unable to see a way out of it. Her partner manipulates, lies, and threatens her to keep her in the relationship—tactics that any person who has experienced, or knows someone who has experienced abuse, will be familiar with. At times it was hard to read, being familiar with alcoholics and abusers. I just wanted to save her and get her out of it. Smart writing, 120 pages of truth and struggle; this is an issue for anyone who feels trapped in an abusive relationship, or if you want to read how this strong author eventually got out. –Tricia (Phases of the Moon,