PHANTOM.357: Roadhouse Nightmare: CD

The guys in Phantom.357 are pretty cocky. They think they can just break the rules and release a CD in a DVD case. Well, that shit may fly in China, but not here in the United States. We like to have all our CDs in jewel cases. Roadhouse nightmare? Pfff. I’m more concerned with the organizational nightmare that would be created if bands decided willy nilly how to package their CDs. How the hell would I organize my collection if half the bands I listened to put stuff out in jewel cases and then the rest put stuff out in dirty socks and shoeboxes and whatever else they felt like stuffing their CDs into? Creativity be damned! My CD shelf is designed for certain shapes and sizes! And no, just because you put rad pulp art on the cover and fill the CD up with catchy old school punk—so old school that I thought I had accidentally popped in my DIY: The Modern World CD – doesn’t mean you don’t have to play by the rules.

 –mp (Self-released,