PHANTOM MAXIMUS: S.P.E.C.T.R.E. + Destroy All Chords: CD + 7″

More music from Thee Wild Wraith, AKA Jim Vance, the most prolific and talented producer of home-recorded horror punk in Colonial Heights, Virginia. This group of songs sticks to a Dwarves-y short/fast formula: drum machine, buzzsaw guitar, snarled sing-song vocals, snarled hook which is usually the song title (“To Live As a Ghost, You Must Die As a Man” and “A Beautiful Bride for a Horrible Groom” being two favorites), done. The CD offers sixteen songs in fourteen minutes, including a few songs from the 7”. Meanwhile, the 7” economizes the evil with fifteen songs. Creepy, cartoonish fun. Makes me want to drive around at night, glowering.

 –CT Terry (Grim Ghost/