PHANTOM LIMBS: Accept the Juice / Whole Loto Love: CD + DVD

May 26, 2009

My unabashed admiration for this band’s synth-pumped, psychotic circus punk has been well documented, and my belief that punk rock is worse off with their passing is heartfelt. What these kids were doing was reveling in the same alluring creativity, unpredictability, and, yes, sense of danger that allowed those first few waves of punk to fuck up so many lives. They were a band to get genuinely excited about, and I’m gonna spend the rest of my life kicking myself in the ass for not seein’ ‘em when I had the chance. I guess they figured there were quite a few fans as dumb as I, so in addition to a disc’s worth of singles tracks, remixes, and live cuts—all of which are friggin’ choice, I might add—they’ve seen fit to include a DVD filled with live footage of the band wreaking bloody, occasionally disrobed, havoc on unsuspecting audiences. This one’s a definite must-have for any collection.

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)

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