PEZZ: With Everything We Got: CD

Jul 25, 2002

Take a hearty dollop of pent-up youthful aggression, add an emotional swirl of spiritual conviction, and then top it all off with a durable display of spunky and punky indie rock freneticism; there ya have the colorfully eclectic sonic stirrings of Pezz. It’s a diverse and exuberant flurry of spectacular skin-tingling sounds that caused me to fitfully bounce my head around and around while excitedly tapping my toes to the consistently up-tempo rhythms. Some of the songs are as fast, furious, and frantic as a whirling out-of-control, full-force roar of unstoppable tornadic activity; others are mellow, melancholic, and deeply profound. “Broke in Two” is raucously reminiscent of Social Distortion’s early bravado-laden output, but “Voices in the Wilderness” is a spirited burst of pure reggae splendor that'd make Bob Marley enthusiastically toss his natty dreadlocked mane from side-to-side while proudly grinning ear to ear. Indeed, this indescribably life-altering disc is as musically disparate as it gets! Pezz sure know how to thoroughly coat a man’s soul in everlasting fuzziness, by golly gosh.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Soul Is Cheap)