PEZZ: The Wicked Leading the Blind: 7”

Sep 23, 2011

Woah, this was a surprise! I had no clue this band was still playing music but was a big fan in the late ‘90s. But while I’m happy to see this band is still releasing records, this three-song 7” is all over the place. Side A features the title track, a mid-tempo song with dueling vocals and thick guitars that would be right at home on a Fat Wreck Chords comp in the mid-’90s. Not bad. Then the first song on side B threw me for a loop. Bordering on hardcore, but totally misses the mark. It kind of reminds me of Sing the Sorrow era AFI... not a good thing. Surprising for a band in which most the members went on to form Bury The Living! The second song on side B is a total jammer that sounds like how I remember this band sounding! Leatherface worship is never a bad thing when done right. If this were a one-sided 7” that just included the third song, I’d be totally satisfied.

 –Chris Mason (Fat Sandwich,