PEZBAND: Women & Politics: 12” EP

Apr 28, 2016

Four songs of skinny tie rock from these long-running power pop underdogs. Pezband started in the Chicago ‘burbs in the 1970s, eventually touring arenas opening for a few big rock acts of the day. “Women & Politics” was recorded in ‘82, when the band found themselves mired in label drama as their popularity flagged. This is the first time this recording is seeing the light of day, and it’s a shame it took so dang long. A couple songs have sharp, clean guitars and fit in more with The Knack or The Vapors, while the others do the “bombastic Beatles” thing that Cheap Trick perfected. I’m not well-versed in this rock’n’roll subgenre, so I can’t draw more esoteric comparisons, but if you’re into new wave and power pop, I highly suggest tracking this down. All four songs are good.

 –Chris Terry (

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