PETTYBONE: From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds: LP

Pettybone play a combination of ‘90s-style hardcore, a more melodic sound, and, at times, they slightly veer off into math rock type stuff. Outspoken and direct in their lyrics, they don’t mince words with their intentions. The guitar playing on here is really good. She’s doing things that aren’t typical in things like the chorus, as there are flourishes added to accentuate the mood, instead of the usual strumming that a lot of bands tend to do. The bass has just the right amount of distortion, giving the sound that heaviness and dark edge. “Justice Tonight” sounds a lot like the Born Against song “Wellfedfuck,” from the bass, drums, and the vocal delivery. There’s a dark tone that hangs over this record that I really like. They can be fast and angry one song, then shift down to something a bit moodier the next. Pretty solid record throughout from a band that more than deserves your attention. Not something you can listen to passively.

 –M.Avrg (Emancypunx,