PETER J. WOODS: Creation Death Machine: CD

Hums. Distant snippets of noise. Quiet feedback low in the mix, way in the back, very calm. And then these GIGANTIC WHITEHOT BLASTS OF FUCKING FEEDBACK when you’re least expecting it. Then some guy muttering and yelling, his voice heavily distorted. Nothing else, just this guy yelling. Then presumably the same guy yelling terrible poetry about “remaining cold” with the sound of a record skipping in the background. And we’re hardly into track two, folks. It’s admittedly spooky and atmospheric at times, but those huge bursts of feedback—so much louder than the rest of the material– just make Creation Death Machine more irritating than anything else. By the time it got to the point where the guy was just making loogey-hawking sounds over and over again, I turned it off.

 –keith (Maxcorp)