PESD: Politikarepoizonekurvae: LP

Sep 08, 2006

Truly interesting release that reminds me of Ministry and KMFDM. Featuring members from two legendary punk bands out of Poland, the guitarist from Post Regiment and the singer from Tragedia. Industrial drum beats with gloomy synths and keyboard sounds that create moody layered waves of tension. They also throw a lot of fast punk parts into the mix to bring in the aggressive factor. Vocals are delivered in a yelled fashion and sound like both artists participate in the barrage of verbiage. Lyrics that I believe are in the Polish language and translated for the dumb American for convenience. This is exciting to hear this type of sound coming from a couple of punks. It shows that instead of playing by the rules of genres, they want to also explore the possibilities of what can be made. The end product is a masterful and intriguing mixture of guitars and electronics that is nowhere close to being horrible techno dance music. This release should peak the interest of those who sometimes want something different from the norm.

 –don (Prank)