PERSUADERS: Forced to Fuck: CD

Jul 13, 2006

One of the most p_r_i_m_i_t_i_v_e bands I’ve ever heard, dirty punk rock in the fuzz gutter like you wouldn’t believe. New Orleans total rejects King Louie, Jason “Panzer” Craft (who now make up Kajun SS) and Shaggy made a full-length and some 7”s in the 90s—they are all here, plus unreleased tracks. You can’t be this totally raw without some misses on the anthology. But there are incredible static classics like “Savage” and “Left for Dead” too. Hurry up and order from the label and you can get their “Live and Shattered” cd too, recorded live in Feb 1999.

 –mike (Shattered)

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