PERMANENT RUIN: Mas Alla De La Muerte: 7”

Jun 13, 2014

This is the second 7” for this Bay Area band. I missed the first, and now I have to track that sucker down because this thing is fucking FAN-TAST-IC. The label mentions previous bands these folks have been in (Condenada, In Disgust, Sourpatch) but this band has their own sound and the “ex-members of” tag may even sell them short. The riffs are absolutely raw and raging with a dark, menacing vibe not unlike N/N with sick blast beats that call to mind Despise You. I love the way that the songs don’t break down when you expect and don’t move in the direction they seem to be heading. This is an engaging listen and even though the riffs seem simplistic, it’s certainly not “by the book” hardcore. The lyrics are to-the-point depictions of abuse and reactions. There is a feeling of being broken and lashing out for just causes in the way the lines seem to yell at the protagonist instead of the world, especially on the last track “Corporal Punishment.” There is supposedly a third 7” in the works on Not Normal. I hope these people continue to churn this stuff out and this isn’t just a short-lived side project band. 

 –Ian Wise (Warthog Speak)