PERMANENT / RESONANCE: Self-titled: Split 7”

Oct 28, 2008

Side Permanent, simply said, I don’t like it. I couldn’t wait for the record to be over. It’s dark toned and trying a bit too hard to stay that way. I want to give them credit for having lyrics that aren’t totally dumb, but this band needs to relax a little bit. Have a few beers, maybe, and then rewrite some of this stuff. Bands like Off With Their Heads write dark lyrics, but at least they sound like they’re having fun when they’re writing them. Permanent seem like they need a wedgie or something for being so emo. Don’t misunderstand though, because the music isn’t emo, just the lyrics. The music is like a crappy late Hot Water Music record mixed with metal. It just tastes bad. Side Resonance is a pleasant surprise after listening to the Permanent side. It doesn’t quite match up. It sucks when you have an entire side of a record that you don’t like, even if it is a mere two songs. Excusing the other side, I’m into it. I like the line in the first song: “I am one of Pavlov’s dogs, can’t stop the action, but the reaction…yes, I can change the reaction.” Thumbs up from this girl, or high fives…or whatever it is that’s cool these days…except dibs, I hate dibs. –Corinne

–guest (Collapse,