Nov 13, 2013

This oi band from Sweden has been around since 1992 and has been consistently releasing quality music. This is another home run from them. These ten new songs of old school oi anthems that have a touch of Sham 69 mixed in are a powerful stampede of bootboy anger and passion that will have you singing along with them. This band has gone out of their way to create an album of hooks and tight playing with gruff vocals that give the songs a hard edge. It stands out from the generic stuff that passes off as punk rock a lot of the time, like the horrible Blink 182. These guys sound nothing like them and don’t pander to the masses to dilute the aggression and pure power of these intense oi songs. The songs are played with such feeling and commitment that you can hear the love and emotion that the band has put into this new album, so much so that it fills you with a sense of energy and excitement that makes you want to shout about them to all of your friends. If you don’t own any of their albums, go out and start with this one; if you’re already a fan, you need this one!

 –Rick Ecker (Spirit Of The Streets,