PERIOD THREE: Self-titled: 7"

May 26, 2008

The four tracks found here lean towards pop punk, but they aren’t too poppy or too snotty—somewhere between Lefty Loosie and Stun Gun’s “T.V. Tan” (without SG’s guitar soloing). The muddy recording almost makes it seem like the band lacks severe energy (they don’t), but it actually compliments Period Three quite nicely. It’s like the band is at the end of the rope, too tired from all the frustration and disappointment. It’s as though they’ve tried everything else to find any sort of solace, and this is their last effort to find it. The vocals never cease to be anything but grave. The music has a melody doing its damnedest to stay upbeat. These parts combine to create a dynamic that gives the songs a charm that is comforting in its ostensible despondency. En somme, it’s really catchy and really good. 

 –Vincent (DNH)

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