PENNYWISE: All or Nothing: CD

Mar 07, 2013

Probably the hardest band member to replace in a band is the lead singer. Some of these changes have produced positive results, and, in some cases, a stronger fanbase. Of course, some swaps have become complete disasters. But bands need to move forward, and I understand the need to hold on to what you have earned. Fletcher and the boys tapped Zoli Teglas (of Ignite) to fill the void created by Jim Lindberg’s departure. So does the music suffer? Listening to this record, I say no. The riffs are still loud, the playing is tight, and the vocals are strong. “Let Us Hear Your Voice” is one of the better singles they’ve released. The title track and “X Generation” are also heavy hitters. It’s almost a shame now that Lindberg has returned that these songs will probably be tossed into the scrap heap. So how will All or Nothing be treated by Pennywise fans? Like Bad Brains without HR? Angry Samoans without Metal Mike? Only time will tell.

 –koepenick (Epitaph)

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