PENNY MACHINE: Self-titled: Cassette

Sep 23, 2014

Caught this band on their West Coast tour. They live up to their hype. Pretty fantastic band, with members of Pang and Cold Beat in their lineup. Sophia’s cutting, snotty, and concise vocals are a dead ringer for Ari Up of the Slits. Penny Machine is a modern day new wave and post-punk blend of a less dancey Delta Five and a punchier version of the Mo-Dettes mixed with a little White Lung. The choppy, distorted, off-kilter post-punk guitar really sets them apart from likely predecessors. Six songs featured on this tape, all super catchy. In fact, the song “Loser” on side B seriously got looped in my brain for like four days. And I liked it. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released)