PENETRATORS: “Shopping Bag” b/w “Everybody Needs Loving”: 7”

I am really digging this trend of putting together a single out of songs that were never released as a single originally. Recent singles by the Incredible Kidda Band and others have made for great listening by putting two great tunes on one 7”. In the case of the Penetrators classic “Shopping Bag,” this was slated to be released as a single in 1981 but the band decided to make a video for the song instead. The video was, of course, rejected by MTV but finally, over thirty years later, I finally have the “Shopping Bag” b/w “Everybody Needs Loving” single in hand and it sounds great. This is one of my all time favorite bands and “Shopping Bag” is one of their very best songs. A real wiseass dig at consumerism that is also catchy as hell, “Live your life in a shopping bag” has never been timelier than in our current culture. This band manages to avoid being too goofy and just flat-out rock like no other that I can think of. There is a big difference between being a fun band and being a funny band. The Penetrators are in the fun camp. Another great release to wear out the grooves on. Long live “The Kings of Basement Rock!” 

 –frame (Windian)