PELVIS WESLEY: Oh My Goodness, How We Rock!: CD-R

Jun 29, 2007

Fuck the review, i just want to print the song titles: “All My Friends Have Robotic Necks,” “We Will Electrocute You in the Ass (Revisited),” “Mikey Died Eating Pop Rocks (And You’re a Dumb Motherfucker),” “God Bless Johannes Gutenberg, Part Two,” “And God Said Yo, Let There Be Moms,” “Head Like a Holy Shit My Head Hurts,” “Some Suggestions for Pleasant Dining,” “26 and Hacking,” “Assassin of the Cockroach Nation,” “Sarah’s All Peristaltic,” “Live Fast, Sleep In,” “Taco Bell Girl (Extended Napalm Death Dance Mix Version),” and “Oh My Goodness, How We Rock.” ...i think the best actual line from a song is “Science will save us, my cel phone range has improved immensely,” but i’m going to have to lodge a complaint about someone else rhyming “boner” with “toner.” I HAVE THE PATENT ON THAT ONE, DAMMIT!!! BEST SONG: “Live Fast, Sleep In” REVIEW: Sounds like 1985 basement punk/core. So? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “It started out as a joke, you know.”

 –norb (Pelvis Wesley)

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