Sep 08, 2006

Hearing this for the first time right before I am actually going to see them live. I really like what I’m hearing. Kind of reminds me of Union 13 with an ode to The Business. They also have a SoCal beach sound that reminds me a little of bands like The Adolescents or The Crowd, but the main structure of the music is Spanish-sung street punk with tons of melody and a good dose of a rockin’ kick. Coming from the Bay Area, that is not the sound I would expect. But what do I know? What I do know is that they went to a decent studio with an engineer who got the most out of them. The production is not full blown clean, but warm and bold. Everything is in the right place and nothing in the mix sounds flat. The vocal interplay is a highlight. The vocals sound genuine and has a slight imperfection in its delivery making it believable. Can’t wait to see how it goes tonight seeing it face to face. There is a split 7” out there with Born/Dead. I have to check it out and see the difference in recordings.

 –don (Tankcrimes)