PEGS, THE: Nobody’s Listening Anyway: 7”EP

Nov 15, 2011

“Bad life decisions” punk. No matter where music tastes take me, I need my monthly dosage of intravenous, fucked-tooth, pants-uncomfortably-tight, no-thinking, probably-bleeding-somewhere—maybe internally, Orange County degenerate punk to cleanse the palate and watch the bad tattoos spread across my skin like happy magic. If you’ve heard the Stitches mixed with the Crowd, you’ve heard the Pegs. If you like Hostage Records, you’ve heard the Pegs. And that’s not a bad thing and this is a good 7”. I mean, for fuck’s sake, when you go to a restaurant, go for the shit you’ll most likely like, right? Not some fucked-up fusion with capers and fennel and indie pop sticking out the side like a flaccid dong about to poke you in the eye. Don’t tell me I’m alone on this.

 –todd (Rapid Pulse / No Front Teeth,